3G/GSM/CDMA/4G VoIP Terminal with 8, 16, 32 sim

    3G/GSM/CDMA/4G VoIP Terminal

    GSM/ 3G VoIP Terminal with 32 sim

    SC-3295iG/ SC-3295-3G

    SC-3295iG and SC-3295i-3G is an effective device for GSM/3G - SIP conversion for GSM/ 3G termination & GSM/ 3G origination.

    GSM/3G VoIP Terminal with 16 sim

    SC-1695iG/ SC-1695-3G

    SC-1695iG with 16SIM is designed with front SIM card insertion for Global ISP GSM/3G termination, inbound/ outbound call center

    GSM/3G VoIP Terminal with 8 sim

    SC-0895iG/ SC-0895-3G

    GSM/ 3G VoIP Terminal SC-0895iG with 8SIM are a multi-functional device for effective conversion between GSM and VoIP network.

    GSM VoIP Terminal with GSM 1SIM


    SC-111-GW with 1SIM, 1FXS+1FXO, Wifi is multi-functional gateway, integrated both voice and data service.

    4G VoIP Terminal SC-111-4GW with 4G 1SIM, 1 port

    SC-111-4GW (Taiwan Market)

    SC-111-4GW provides 3 voice interfaces (LTE/ GSM, FXS and FXO), offering seamless connectivity to VoIP Network, PLMN and PSTN.