SC-9420-4GR 4G LTE CPE Indoor Wi-Fi Router

SunComm Technology Co., Ltd 2023-06-28

SunComm SC-9420-4GR 4G LTE CPE Indoor Wi-Fi Router

4G LTE Indoor Router is a type of device used to provide access to wireless internet connections. It is a high speed router which can easily be installed in a building, home, office or other environment to provide internet access to its users. The router can provide up to 300 Mbps downlink and 50 Mbps uplink. It has 2 x 4G internal antenna, 2 x 2 MIMO with 50 ╬ę impedance, and a Wi-Fi-enabled module which has the ability to combine the best of two wireless networks in one.

In terms of usage, one can use 4G LTE Indoor Router by setting up the device to the broadband connection. It is then best to connect the router to an external antenna for optimal performance and a data source. Many of the routers today come with the plug and play setup, allowing the users to easily set up the router for their usage.

The router can be used in many different types of applications and scenarios. It is most suitable for locations where the fixed-line broadband connections are not available or are weak. In fact, 4G LTE Indoor Router can be used to offer an internet connection in areas with high mobility, such as schools, universities, construction sites, or at temporary events. It also creates an area with Wi-Fi access for customers or employees so that they can access the internet without any restrictions. Moreover, it can be installed in places with multiple digital devices and can be used in smart homes, offices, and business environments.

Overall, 4G LTE Indoor Router is a great device which provides a secure and easy way to connect with the digital world. It is easy to install and the latest Wi-Fi technologies make it highly efficient. It is suitable for many different types of applications and scenarios, and offers flexible services and applications for its users.