4G LTE Fixed wireless Phone with black and white LCD Display


    antenna TNC, SMS, up to the customer requests
    chipset Vimicro (China) ZX297510
    Handsfree Yes
    Handset Yes
    Display Dot matrix 128x64
    LCD backlight Yes
    Calls memory: 200 records
    SMS 200 SMS + SMS in SIM
    language English
    Support WiFi, alarm
    Working temperature -10ºC to 55ºC
    Store temperature -25ºC to 75C
    Working humidity 0~90%
    Store humidity 5%~95%


    • 48.6mm x 24.9mm display size
    • Single SIM card, support lock phone, lock network, lock SIM
    • Support 4G LTE hotspots, for other wireless phone devices to access the sharged 4G bandwidth
    • Do not Support RJ45
    • Voice code RF, HR, EFR, AMR
    • Two ways handsfree speaker, SMS, LTE antenna and WIFI antenna
    • Using temperature: -100C - 550C
    •  Humidity: ≤ 90%
    • Air press: 86~106Kpa
    • Size: 20X 18 X 5CM L W H
    • Voltage: AC220V, 50Hz,DC 5V 1A
    • Battery: li-ion battery 800mAh and up to
    • Talking time: about 4 hours and up to, standby time  up to 40 hours
    SC-9044-4GP 4G Fixed wireless phone SC-9044-4GP 4G Fixed wireless phone